It would be good to build a collation

..of all the relevent information around a <<particular subject>>

  1. all relevent material from public social media
  2. any useful information from private groups – anonymised
    1. this would have to be done manually
  3. fact sheets and stories
  4. links to resources
  5. links to people and advocates

Because the people who manage a <<particular subject>> will actually hunt people down and harass them,  identities need protecting.

  1. The person who manages the collation needs to be anonymous and the collation itself needs to be able to be moved somewhere else, immediately.
  2. People who contribute, if people publish open pages they have already made a decison to make themselves publicly

There are some solid advantages to broadsheets and pamphlets and newsletters with a an email or PO BOX

Just a thought?
What do you think?




Selling Soap Online

We can build a website

I found a WP site using WooCommerce

There is an interesting article on the blog about selling soap online, there is a solid and probably useless burden of fees and regulations.

This is a very big site which has taken years to develop, it started from a blog, I gather and grew. It is possible to build a stripped down site with a shopping cart which is primarily a way to take orders.
Then grow it from there.

We can make a FBshop

An Estsy shop

A shoppify shop

Case study