Sales Pitches for joining LETS

  1. The world is in trouble, the economic system is broken, do you want to help in a practical experiment in building a better economic system?
  2. My friend Malcolm sells training. For him, it is much better if the seats are filled at the end of the day and when he fills his spare seats with LETS people, he can use the UNITS to pay people for jobs like promotion and administration.
  3. I am on the dole and if I earn ANY money, I am subjected to an enormous amount of bureaucracy and reduced payments.
    If I participate in LETS particularly as a hobby business that makes no cash profit, I can exchange a lot of wonderful things that Centrelink takes no notice of.

SSL certificates

My ISP sent me a warning “ may soon be flagged as not secure by Google!!!!!!!!!!!”

It already is flagged, any site that hasn’t bought a SSL certificate IS flagged as “insecure” by Google
That is about 2/3rds of the internet. (this site is fine) has a SSL certificate, see above

For my self-hosted sites, Google is warning the world about my state of insecurity.


So what will a certificate cost?

I run a couple of websites from my domain, perhaps I can buy the certificates for each website rather than the $600 a year monster muncher deal?

In reality, I don’t think I need heavy duty encryption, I have nothing worth stealing
Do I?

ssl pricing
What should I do?



Is this a complete list of Australian CES/LETS websites?

Using a one page website as an online business card?

I have met some people who provide excellent services for units BUT they don’t have easy contact details.

We can use their community exchange link but that requires an extra step and isn’t available to people who aren’t members of the CES

I was thinking about how quick and cheap and easy it would be to build a one-page website, with a short URL and an attached disposable EMail account to protect your private address..

If you were to fill in a form for me with essential details and provide one good photo or graphic, I can have you set up with a unique online presence in minutes (at .6 units/minute)
I can tweak and change and modify it at the same rates.

Anyone interested?

WIX has some posts about it:

Here are the commercial versions from whence we could steal some ideas


Thanks Kathryn 🙂



Definitely a hobby business

A hobby is a pastime or leisure activity conducted in my spare time for recreation or pleasure.

According to the ATO: Benefits of my activities being a hobby are:

  • Personal enjoyment and satisfaction.
  • I can gift or sell my work for the cost of materials or in my case less than the cost of materials.
  • I can do it in my own time or when people contact you.
  • I don’t have the reporting obligations of a business.

The ATO provide the following critera to decide “Hobby” or “business”

You’ve made a decision to start a business and have done something about it to operate in a businesslike manner, such as I made a decision NOT to conduct a business
registered a business name, or No
obtained an ABN. No
You intend to make a profit – or genuinely believe you will make a profit from the activity – even if you are unlikely to do so in the short term. No intention to make a profit

public domain

no cash income

“units” used exclusively to facilitate exchange.

You repeat similar types of activities. Somewhat
The size or scale of your activity is consistent with other businesses in your industry. No, No and No
Your activity is planned, organised and carried out in a businesslike manner. This may include It is not
keeping business records and account books Not nesessary.
having a separate business bank account No, cash funds drawn from personal account.
operating from business premises Operating from personal online space.
having licenses or qualifications None
having a registered business name. None

Because I have determined my activities are a hobby then I do not have any additional tax or reporting obligations.

Because these activities are carried out without any cash income and with a net turnover of zero units, I have no reporting obligations to centrelink .—hobby-or-business-/

And any Intellectual property  generated by our efforts is gifted to the world.



Working together is so win/win

I have been talking with Annette Loudon, again

I sent out this following letter to everyone on the CES database who seems to be offering services related to building website:

My name is Roy Hanfling I been setting up a website business using units and CES,

It became obvious to me fairly early on that:
1) There is potentially a lot of work out there and I don’t want to do it all.
2) I can be much happier and productive if I work with people like you with different skills and ideas.

I am writing to you to ask you to consider

1) Joining Annette Louden’s Web blitz team

2) Letting me share your details on the front page of my promotion site, I have a couple of people there on the left sidebar.
When I get the site right, I will promote it everywhere 🙂

To do this I need
1) Your Name and exchange number ?
2) What you do? e.g graphics, editing, proof reading, FB admin, Music
3) and a link so people can contact you.
Have a look at the current entries

I would love to have a chat with you about your ideas

Roy BLCE1032
0400 921 510

we have three five NINE quick responses.

Working with others.

One of my projects for this year is to learn how to work with others. I think this is a very hard thing to achieve, I’m not sure I will succeed.

If I had $100 million dollars, it’s not so hard, I could just pay people and order them around – there is something fundamentally wrong with that in my opinion, but another day 🙂

So the arena I am choosing is the Community Exchange System, it’s full of geeks and artists and anarchists.

I am beginning to appreciate Fritz Pearl’s advice, people have their own lives and projects but when we can walk together, (always temporarily).
We can achieve wonderful things.



Simon Cole at Brislets interested me in Slack

Slack tells me:

Send this signup link to your teammates

You’ve enabled anyone with an @hanfling. id. au email address to join the ICanDoThatForYou.Online workspace on Slack.

The next step is to share the link to your workspace’s signup page:

Be sure to mention that it’s necessary to use an @hanfling. id. au email address for signing up. Thumbs Up Emoji transitioning through different skin tones.

To add or remove approved email domains, visit your workspace settings.

I’ll work out what that all means as I go.


Web blitz team

From Annett Louden

There are a lot of requests for website help in LETS/CES groups. I suspect we have a lot of web skills in the system, but websites can be a lot of work, so it’s a hard thing to commit to. I find myself reluctant to offer web help because I’m afraid it will be too much work to fit in on the side. I get overwhelmed at the idea of doing everything myself, including bits I don’t enjoy, or I’m not good at.I’m thinking we could pull together a team to blitz sites relatively quickly. We could spec and budget for them properly and manage them to avoid feature creep. We could make sure we’re working on the bits we enjoy the most.

Aside from getting a bunch of websites done, we might learn tricks from each other and find new collaborators to work with on paid projects.

So let’s start a Website Blitz Team and make some great websites for good projects!

Annette – Sydney LETS