adding a back button

I watched people use my website yesterday, I need a back button

there are two plugins



unfairly, unjustly and cruelly suspended!

Another problem that has surfaced with, (this platform).
Is that they have unfairly, unjustly and cruelly suspended someone’s blog
This is a really importent blog, dates back nearly 10 years.

Hopefully the humans working at will fix this really, quickly

Another solution is to download and export the .xml backup and rebuild the site elsewhere .

elsewhere could be:
1) another blog
2) a blog which is self hosted, break free from this arbritary tyranny.

deeper revolution


and the result

Aline F -Community Guardian (BOT)

automatically posting to FB groups

There are three ways listed:
1) Using IFTTT this is probably the best way, it is free and unlimited
2) Using buffer, which is NOT free.
3) Using a wordpress plugin – which for the free version is Jetpack

The problem is getting the tags right
I’m not absolutely clear how to do this in the free version, it has to be tied up with the Post Format and what, why and how    I wonder if all themes use these?

making a reusable template?

Kathryn Spencer and I are pretty happy with how her website for the Wide Bay Burnett Community exchange is working out.

If another Community Exchange wanted a website, I will make a template that it can be quickly and  easily modified to suit your needs.
We would need to also put together and operating manual, the Word-press system is quite easy anyway.