A Directory in WordPress

I have some responsibility for maintaining a Drupal website.

One of the website’s major features is a directory of Self Help and Support Groups in Queensland.
Its very usefull and is getting about 1800 hits a month, that’s really quite a lot for a small niche.

The directory is supported by a database on Salesforce which is a massive CRM system. I think we don’t need all that!
Some simple spreadsheets and a directory plugin would be more flexible AND a lot easier for staff to maintain.

Then there is Drupal, excellent system, great for these kind of directories but finding staff or volunteers who can use Drupal is a challenge.
Wordpress is better, 30% of all the website in the world are WordPress and coincidently, I, a current volunteer, have some WordPress skills.


The whole system is slowly collapsing under age and the fact that updates were all switched off by the people who built the system. The people who built the system either thought documentation was unnessessary or it has gone missing which makes it hard to maintain.
We are going to need a new ISP soon, our current one is in a different business now.


Oh and the organisation doesn’t have any money and even if it was possible to get a one off grant of about $15k+ to pay for a IT company to build a new website. Raising money to pay them to maintain the site and make updates in the future is .. impossible.


(“..your pants” as my mother used to say)

What do we do?

  1. We/I can build a new website offline and shift it over to the the correct domain when it is perfect or at least when the management committee approves the transition. If the management committee NEVER approve the new website then we are no further behind are we?
  2. A lot of the material can be simply cut and pasted into the new site, which saves a lot of time on content development.
  3. We/I can do it for free, there will still be charges for webhosting and we might need to buy a couple of plugins but there should be NO additional costs.
  4. We could make sure that staff know how to maintain and develop the new website and we could provide some documentation to help them.

When should we do it

  1. Soon
  2. When the new manager is appointed.

What else could we do instead?

  1. We could obtain large sums of money and employ a proper IT company to rebuild the website, then we could obtain lesser sums of money regularily to pay them to maintain and develop the site.
  2. We could obtain a lesser, large sum of money to employ a proper IT company fix the current website, then we could obtain lesser sums of money regularily to pay them to maintain and develop the site
  3. We could do nothing but the cracks are begining to show.









an incorporated association







It would be good to build a collation

..of all the relevent information around a <<particular subject>>

  1. all relevent material from public social media
  2. any useful information from private groups – anonymised
    1. this would have to be done manually
  3. fact sheets and stories
  4. links to resources
  5. links to people and advocates

Because the people who manage a <<particular subject>> will actually hunt people down and harass them,  identities need protecting.

  1. The person who manages the collation needs to be anonymous and the collation itself needs to be able to be moved somewhere else, immediately.
  2. People who contribute, if people publish open pages they have already made a decison to make themselves publicly

There are some solid advantages to broadsheets and pamphlets and newsletters with a an email or PO BOX

Just a thought?
What do you think?




Selling Soap Online

We can build a website

I found a WP site using WooCommerce

There is an interesting article on the blog about selling soap online, there is a solid and probably useless burden of fees and regulations.

This is a very big site which has taken years to develop, it started from a blog, I gather and grew. It is possible to build a stripped down site with a shopping cart which is primarily a way to take orders.
Then grow it from there.


We can make a FBshop

An Estsy shop

A shoppify shop


Case study